- live life on the veg -

We all know that healthier living means including more vegetables in our diet, but it isn't always easy to know where to start, especially if our shopping list and cooking repertoire tends to stay the same week to week. Our workshops aim to introduce you to new ingredients, new ways of preparing food, and to give you the tools and the confidence you need to be more experimental in the kitchen. Workshops are tailored as far as possible to reflect the needs and priorities of the participants. This may mean a focus on one or more of the following:

  • Easy, nutritious meals for busy families / batch cooking
  • Alternative ideas for cooking with seasonal vegetables
  • Exploring the wide range of protein-rich plant-based foods available
  • Cooking with beans, lentils, tofu, tempeh and seitan
  • No-fuss lunch boxes and brilliant breakfasts
  • Cooking with kids
  • Upping the raw - smoothies, soups and salads
  • Plant-based comfort food
  • Baking and desserts without butter, eggs and cream
  • Dinner parties and cooking to impress
  • Vegan cuisine from around the world

If you are interested in organising a private workshop or demonstration for yourself or a group of friends or co-workers, please get in touch and we'll design a programme to suit your needs.

An in-house lunchtime cooking demonstration designed to meet the client's brief:
quick, easy and nutritious meal preparation for a busy team.

An evening cooking demonstration on making the most of seasonal, local vegetables.