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Aubergine and courgette stack on a bed of puy lentils and a sunflower and lemon sauce

Ask any vegan or vegetarian and they can usually recall without hesitation the best meal they've ever eaten in a restaurant – because for so long bread and lettuce leaves was usually as good as it got. Pasta with tomato sauce if you were lucky. Finally, risotto arrived on the scene – and became the go-to vegetarian dish of almost every restaurant one ventured into. When it came to vegetarian cooking in professional kitchens, imagination and creativity were in short supply.

Breaded marinated tofu steak with basil and carrot top pesto

But things are beginning to change. With an ever increasing number of people choosing to eat plant-based, restaurants can no longer afford to neglect this growing cohort of diners.  It is also important to remember that many people who seek out a meat-free option are not vegetarian or even vegan - they are simply looking for something different.  And since a group that includes even one vegetarian will choose a restaurant with a meat-free option there is a strong business case for crafting a more inclusive menu.

Quinoa, leek and cannellini beans with grilled marinated aubergine strips

Happily, many restaurateurs are starting to take note - but there is still a way to go. The vegan fare on offer is often carb-heavy and nutritionally lacking, and the failure to incorporate a quality plant-based protein into a dish is a common mistake. Research by Mintel shows that more than half of those who favour plant-based protein cite taste as the main reason for their preference. When it comes to taste, plant-based diners are no less discerning than traditional clientele. The presentation of an unmarinated tofu steak simply does not cut the mustard.

Sweet and sour pulled jackfruit

And that’s why we’re here to help. Whether you want to ‘veganize’ traditional dishes or to incorporate sustainable plant-based proteins into your menu, we can guide you through it. Perhaps you aspire to gastronomic excellence and want to offer customers something exceptional, or maybe you want to create plant-based dishes to fit with your existing menu and theme. Or if you're starting from scratch and would like us to design an entire plant-based menu for you, we would be more than happy to oblige. Just let us know how we can help and we’ll take it from there.